Illuminating the Unseen Wonders Within us All
Fascinating, Cinematic Animation for the Life Sciences

MADMICROBE is an award-winning team of exceptional artists and science experts with decades of experience creating beautiful custom life science animation content for the healthcare and broadcast industries. 

We partner with agencies and pharmas, helping to bring their brand’s vision to life through creative strategies, cutting-edge technology and rich digital media. As a studio, we strive to bring dynamic motion, beauty and scientific accuracy to all we do. As a partner in your brand’s journey, we aim to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients built on strong communication, collaboration and excellence in all we deliver.



MadMicrobe's Award-Winning Animation: Wonders Within 
A title sequence to a film/TV series we at MadMicrobe would love to see. But who are those names in the credits? 

BIOLIFE 4D: Bioprinting the Human Heart
Imagine being able to create a fully functioning heart through 3D bioprinting using a patient’s own cells, eliminating the challenges of organ rejection and long donor waiting lists that plague existing organ transplant methods. BIOLIFE4D is making this technology a reality.

CG science graphics for the film Morgan

OUR Desire to make your science Shine

At MADMICROBE, we are passionate about Science Visualization and Medical Animation. Our team continually pushes ahead of the curve, utilizing the most current tools and techniques. We are experts at bringing complex and cutting-edge scientific concepts to life through clear, compelling storytelling and visualization. 

Your vision is our destination. Lets make beautiful moving pictures together!

Let MadMicrobe help you with your next digital media project.
Our specialties include:

Animation | MOA | MOD | Device | Broadcast | Motion Design

Film Graphics | Visual Effects | Screen Graphics for Live Events

Virtual Reality | Stereoscopic 3D | Holography

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