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Our art is our passion. Solving our client’s digital media challenges is our objective. As an animation studio with a strong focus on the creative, we strive to bring dynamic motion, beauty and scientific accuracy to all we do. We pursue a standard of quality that has gained recognition in the industry and exceeds the expectations of our clients.


Founded in 2015, our core team is comprised of seasoned, creative leaders in the healthcare communications industry, with more than 20 years of experience in digital media production with expertise in medical animation, broadcast, and motion graphics.

Joel Dubin
Creative Director

Joel is an award-winning Medical Animator and Art Director who began his career in the early 90s.

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Joel is an award-winning Medical Animator who began his career in the early 90s. As Cofounder and Creative Director of MadMicrobe, Joel’s objective is to blend science, art and technology together into a medium that can take the audience on a journey into the unseen cellular and molecular worlds within us all.


Joel challenges both himself and his team to bring these wonders to life in ways that are not only scientifically accurate but also visually fascinating.

Mitch Wishart
Executive Producer

Mitch is an Emmy Award winning Motion Designer, 3D Animator and Art Director with over 400 projects under his belt.

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Mitch is an Emmy Award winning Animator and Director with over 400 projects and more than 20 years of experience in the Medical Animation Industry under his belt. As Executive Producer of MadMicrobe, he is the expert problem solver, and team motivator.

Mitch ignites the team with a vision to reboot the Medical Animation landscape, leading the industry with a fresh creative and cinematic approach to storytelling.

Mike McIntyre
Finance Director

Mike has a strong background in business administration and finance.  With decades of experience across a variety of industries.

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Mike has a strong background in business administration and finance.  With decades of experience across a variety of industries, from digital to industrial, and a proven track record of building successful companies, he brings a unique entrepreneurial perspective to the MadMicrobe team.

His focus is on building business, crunching numbers, and  steering the ship so that our creative talent can focus on what they do best…being creative.


Alan Smith
Animation Director

With over a decade experience directing medical animations. Alan is very proud to be leading a European team of exceptional artists and VFX experts. 

Alan is not only a seasoned medical animation generalist but oversees our client expansion into the UK.

With over ten years experience as director of animation in both the life science and broadcast industries, as well as receiving Master’s Degrees in both the sciences and the arts, Alan brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and outstanding artistic talent with him.

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Vincent Elsey
Business Development
Director (UK)

Vince has had a 30-year career in the creative and communications industry, having spent the lion’s share of that time delivering projects for some of the UK’s top FMCG and retail companies.

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‘I’ve been looking after high-profile brands for the last 15 years, delivering
projects that helped them engage with their customers. I pride myself in not
only being a great communicator, but in working closely with clients to deliver
projects that get results.

"I know how hard you all have been working on this for the past few weeks, we really appreciate it! And thank you so much for being able to deliver an animation in such a tight timeframe. They look great! The client is really pleased as well and I really enjoyed working with you all too!


We'll be in touch soon for sure!"

—  Jenn Hergert, The Sandbox Agency







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